Dual Air Drive

Innovative Portable Air Pump for both Inflation and Deflation. Simplicity of operation without adding any fitting or nozzle. Discharge and suction outlets fit various brands' valves. Dual power mode by either 3xAAA batteries or USB power. IPX4 and ABS casing rugged enough for outdoor use. With USB power, it only takes around 60s to inflate a standard size air mat. With battery power, it takes around 100s.

  • Brass Screw valve
  • 75D Peach finish top fabric
  • 150D Polyester bottom fabric
  • Repair kit included
  • Stuff bag included
  • Velcro tie strap included

ALL-in-One Valve

Traditional screw valve is sandwiching between top and bottom fabric. However, it is only good for mat that is not very thick. Air mat is too thick for this kind of valve and cause a lot of air leakage around the valve socket. The bulge type valve is good but not good enough.
The valve is concealed into the mat. It can in-flow and out-flow.
By un-plugging the BLUE cord, air can be blown or pumped into the mat.
By un-plugging the RED cord, air will be purged out.
By pressing the BLUE button inside the valve body, excess air can be purged out in order to adjust the hardness.

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